Packaging Manufacturer

This company came to us for initial accounting support and had heard about R and D tax credits they were not sure if it would be relevant to them or not.

The company are a manufacturer of packaging and had developed a way to seal the packaging which was new to the UK market.  They had invested a lot of time and money into developing the product and had made many samples to ensure everything worked how it should.

What we did

With this client there was some fairly obvious innovation and the client had also take financial risk to develop the product.  Our main role was to present this in a way to HMRC whereby all of the processes were explained in an easy to understand way, showing that there was innovation but also not using too much technical jargon.

What was the outcome?

Year 1:  Cash paid to the company of £8,000

Future Claims:  Likely to be £45,000 plus

What did the client say?

“ Solutions have been really helpful in getting our R & D tax credits claim, it really was totally painless”