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Did you know that there is a tax relief incentive that can be claimed by SMEs?

The UK Government has created a tax relief incentive for SMEs that work on innovative projects which lead to an advance in science and technology. The HMRC R & D tax relief can be claimed regardless of whether or not a profit was achieved. Take a look at some of our recent success stories:

Case Studies

Events Company

We were introduced to this business to help them with their accounting systems and processes. However, it soon came to light that this wasn’t a typical events company and in fact many of the services and products they offered at events were actually unique. The company had spent a lot of money on developing the services and products and it had taken a large percentage of staff time. We identified that there was in fact expenditure that could qualify for R&D tax credits. What we did We went through the clients accounting records in depth to identify any expenditure that …
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Fabrication Company

This fabrication company had been creating bespoke steel products for a number of years. On further investigation we discovered that many of these bespoke products used features or processes which were costly in terms of time. These additional cost were not charged to the end customers but were absorbed by the company as they could use their findings to create future products. This qualified as Research and Development for tax purposes. What we did We worked with the director to look at all projects over the previous 2 years and the staff time and therefore cost incurred relating to R …
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Food Manufacturer

When this company started to work with us they hadn’t heard of R & D Tax credits, their previous accountant probably hadn’t either. The company was and still is very innovative in terms of developing new recipes and ideas. Each time a recipe is made there is a degree of trial and error, this involves waste ingredients and a lot of staff time. The company was always keen to develop new ideas but this cost of doing so was proving risky. However when they discovered that HMRC would give them some money for this risk taking this enabled them to …
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Packaging Manufacturer

This company came to us for initial accounting support and had heard about R and D tax credits they were not sure if it would be relevant to them or not. The company are a manufacturer of packaging and had developed a way to seal the packaging which was new to the UK market. They had invested a lot of time and money into developing the product and had made many samples to ensure everything worked how it should. What we did With this client there was some fairly obvious innovation and the client had also take financial risk to …
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